Information on Teaching

Positives of teaching

Teaching is an excellent profession. Teachers explore the endless potential that the field of education offers to the educators. If you are interested in becoming a teacher please apply at the birmingham teaching vacancies link.

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You need passion for teaching to become a teacher. Educating students in institutes is more than just lecturing. You should have in-depth knowledge of the subject that you teach. Your students need inspiration besides your expertise. Your passion for the subject that you teach will draw your student's attention and they will start showing interest in the subject.

Besides conducting regular classes as a teacher you will do the following tasks

Maintain a record of daily attendance

Assign homework daily

Follow and complete the curriculum

Fill in daily report of your classroom activities and progress

Conduct weekly evaluation

Make monthly report cards

Conduct annual evaluations and promote students to the next grade based on their performance.

Meet parents at least twice a year during parents-teachers meetings. And also meet parents between sessions if needs be.

Volunteer as a supervisor in one of the committees catering to student's extra curriculum activities.

We expect our teachers to keep updated with the latest teaching techniques. You will be attending refresher courses twice a year. The teachers training program will help you improve your performance.

You will have plenty of chances to prove your worth and earn a promotion. We often announce vacancies for department deans and student's counsellors. If you have the required skill set and qualifications you can apply for the posted vacancies.

Many times we ask teachers to make presentations to tell us how they would serve the institution when promoted to a certain position. In the past teachers have proven their worth by highlighting small changes that would make a positive impact in the process flows. Educators have designed excellent slide shows and power point presentations to communicate their messages.

Your pay depends on your qualifications and years of experience. If your performance appraisals reflects satisfactory results you will be entitled to a performance bonus and a good pay raise. We conduct performance appraisals twice a year. One serves as a feedback on performance. The other evaluates performance which leads to an increment in salary.

Our teachers also enjoy fringe benefits like medical and life insurance, paid sick and casual leaves, two months summer and one month winter vacation, concession on school fees for admitting their children to the school, free of cost access to teacher's resources such as library, multimedia room and laboratory.

If you wish to become a teacher please click the link Birmingham teaching vacancies. You will fill in personal details in the first section, and then you will fill in your qualifications. In the last part of the online form you will choose the subject that you wish to teach.

We will acknowledge receipt of your form as soon as you post it to us. We will write back to you if you are short listed for an interview. You can check the status of your application online at any time.